Facilitating Change is a design consultancy. That means we help you decide what you’re going to do, how you‘re going to do it, and then we help you do it. We care about that bit at the end where your ideas hit reality. A lot.

We work on gigs that advance social and economic development. And for people that can admit that they’re not advancing anything — and want learn from that and try something different.

We value people’s experiences and realities. We are user advocates. We listen, cultivate empathy, unpack assumptions, and make connections. Oh… and we infuse joy into our work. That’s super important. Pleasure matters.

Our work draws on approaches like human-centered design, service design thinking, asset-based development, open practices, participatory everything, and utilization-focused evaluation — approaches that are practical and that acknowledge complexity, respect people and where they’re at, and that are about listening and engagement as a first step. Because that’s how you create delightful, resilient designs.

We’re open, entrepreneurial, and would love to work with you to…

  • Create beautiful experiences, services, and environments
  • Build healthy organizations and networks
  • Advocate for change
  • Understand and articulate how you’ve made a difference

We’re not into one-way dialogues and dissemination, experts who already know everything, or fake participation.

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Facilitating Change is small and nimble. We work by assembling multidisciplinary teams to fit each engagement.

We’re really crazy about our clients and get super attached to them. We become one of the team. We’ve been lucky to work with…

Facilitating Change was founded and is managed by Christine Prefontaine.

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